Couture at Kalatmak shall always be a souvenir of luxury, elegance and an experience of its intrinsic values
- Late Mr. Sunil Thakral

How it all began?

Indian couture existed within a very small society of india till 1995. The market was expanding and upcoming brands were struggling with showcasing their brand stories. Mrs. Rekha Thakral and her spouse Late Mr. Sunil Thakral started this versatile venture in 1998 with the aim of helping every indian couture store to express their brand story. With an expert team of designers, visualising sophesticated concepts and contemporary silhouettes, they introduced innovative styles and fits all over India. They started their in-house sampling and manufacturing unit in delhi, while the production units were built in cities of Jaipur, Banaras, Mumbai etc.

While it became a sustainable business, Mrs. and Mr. Thakral decided to reach out to the leading channel partners across the world. Since then, there has been no looking back and Mrs. Thakral is now working with her son who is a fashion designer, towards weaving together new-age concepts into the brand identity. We take pride in saying that we have had two generations working relentlessly, understanding the peculiarities of indian ethnic wear consumers. Kalatmak is now serving to 1000 partners in 8 countries around the globe.